Empowerment Camp for Girls

The goal of this program is to provide our girls with an experience they cannot get in the classroom. The girls will attend the ballet, Off-Broadway shows, meet entrepreneurs, and professional women. Our 8 weeks program provides structured activities to empower and educate our girls while providing employment opportunities within our community for college and high school students. 

Our program gives girls a uniquely memorable experience one they can never get in a classroom. There is so much to see via a subway ride. We started local but one day we will be taking our girls internationally 

 Our Comprehensive 8-week Empowerment Summer Camp programs include Mondays are known as "Museum Mondays", Lessons on Financial Literacy to empower our girl to make smart fiscal decisions, Hygiene 101, Art's & Crafts, Everyday Etiquette, Dance & Fitness, Music, Vision Board Activity, Mathematics & ELS, Healthy Eating (Restaurants visit) 


Summer Camp 2021

We are very sad to announce that we will not be conducting Summer camp this year because of COVID-19 and healthy concerns