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kids hair salon

Fresh as Daisy is BROOKLYN first BLACK OWNED KIDS SPA and SALON providing salon services to kids 3 years and older. 

 Staff is knowledgeable in dealing with tender-headed, active kids and kids with special needs.

We carry our very own brand of All NATURAL hair and scalp oil.

Our environment is inviting and very child friendly.


  • We use per-stretch braiding hair 14-16 inches for kids 3-12

  • We use per-stretched braiding hair 20-26 inches for kids 13 and older 

  • Our shampoo, conditioner, and de-tangling spray are paraben free, sulfate free, and dye free as well as certified PETA cruelty free

We are here to help!   If your child has special needs simply let us know before hand and we will gladly assist. 

Wedding package: This service includes Shampoo and Style for up to 5 girls with private appointments 

Now that you have found us to view prices, staff availability and make appointment click on the link below  

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