c Add these services to your event to make it truly unforgettable y

Personalized Face mask

Reusable, Fabric Face Mask 


Satin Bonnets

Double sided satin bonnets 

$12- $15

Cupcake Decoration 101

Gumballs, Sour-patch, sprinkles and more decorate your cupcake with toppings Galore

Choose your favorite toppings from our 24 topping candy craft station. Cupcakes are already frosted kids will add their personal touch to create a unique and one of a kind edible craft. Price shown are per child


Mini Daisy Cake


Breathable Nail Polish

Halal nail polish is breathable and allows oxygen and water to pass through. The technology is similar to what is used in contact lenses. When water is able to penetrate the polish and reach the nail, practicing Muslims can wear it during prayer rituals


Glitter Tattoo

Hypoallergenic and Dermatologist tested glitter body art tattoo


Candy Filled Treat Bags or Cups

Take home candy filled gift bags.


Mylar Number Ballon 0-9

40in or 30in 


Happy Birthday Ballons


Friendship Bracelet

Choose from an assortment of colors, patterns and shapes giving them endless possibilities to develop


their imagination in the processing of making bracelet. What you are creating is not just a toy, but also a beautiful accessory! Price shown are per child


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