n Full Service Salonh

Kid's and  young adults are our ONLY Specialty

Fresh as Daisy is a full service luxury mobile salon that was designed to ease the negative stigma and anxiety that kids usually experience when it's hair grooming time. 

We serve kids 3 years and older 

 Staff is knowledgeable in dealing with tender-headed, active and kids with limited mobility.

We use all natural, and organic products, we carry our very own brand of All NATURAL hair and scalp oil.

Our environment is like a pretty pink waiting room to paradise, the latest kids bop music fills the air our shelves are stocked with age-appropriate books, games, magazines, dolls and electronics gadgets.

For our little guest we always have chips and juice boxes on hands.

Our Services

  • Braid Take Out $35 and UP

  • Lemonade Braids $90-$160

  • Halo W/ Design Natural Hair $80

  • Square/Triangle Part Box Braids $130-150

  • Shampoo and Natural Hair Braiding $95

  • Feed-In Braids $90-$120

  • Oil treatment $15

  • locs Retwist $70

  • Square/triangle box Braids refresh $50

  • Boy Braids $60-$80

  • Natural Hair Braiding Freestyle $70 t0 $80

  • Double strand twist (natural hair) $90

  • Faux Locs $150

  • Goddess Braids/Messy Box Braids $140

  • Shampoo Service $25

  • Pineapple Box Braids $150

  • knotless Box Braids $180-$250

In Order to give kids 100% attention they deserve 

  services are BY APPOINTMENT.​

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