kids Hair Salon Service

Kid are our ONLY Specialty

Fresh as Daisy Kids Spa and Kids Salon welcomes all ethnicities, toddlers, and special needs children.

Our Staff is knowledgeable in dealing with tender-headedness, active children and kids with limited mobility.

We use all natural, and organic products, we carry our very own brand of All NATURAL, ALL ORGANIC hair and scalp oil.

Our environment includes age-appropriate music, magazines and electronics gadgets Our little guests are served apple cider in pink champagne glasses while they wait.

Our prices are base on your child hair length and type of style. If requested we add up to four beads or less per braid.


In Order to give kids 100% attention they deserve


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After 10 visits the next service will be FREE. Ask your Stylist to stamp your card after every visit. Rules and conditions apply.

Braids Take out- $15

Hair Glitter:- FREE

Locs Grooming:- $45 and Up

Hair Braiding Natural Hair:- $45 and UP

Hair Braiding With Extensions :- $75 and UP

Beads- $5 and up

Shampoo Service:-$15

Oil Treatment:-$10

Steam Treatment:-$10

Twists with Extension:- $65 and Up

Twists Natural Hair :-$50 and UP

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