Fresh as Daisy Kids Spa is a hidden paradise for girls ages 3-14. Our Mission is Pamper, Empower and Educate young girls, build self-esteem, confidence and create employment. This wonderful establishment will turn two on November 21th 2016, we continue to learn, grow and improve.  We are currently working on a blueprint for an all girls 5 weeks summer program. The goal of this program is to provide our girls with an experience they cannot get in the classroom. The girls will attend ballet, Broadway shows, meet entrepreneur, and professional woman. Our program will also offer etiquette, nutritional and grooming workshop. We are hoping to launch this program in the summer of 2016.  Because we are extremely big on community involvement and family Fresh as Daisy kids Spa for Mother Days 2015 pampers to speak with the kids at Van Sicklen Junior High School.  Fresh as Daisy Kids Spa participated in 12th Annual Children’s Sport and Fitness Expo which was held at Boys and Girls School in June. We also attended the 6th Annual Juneteenth Family Fun Day in June which was held at Gershwin Park in Brooklyn New York.

Who Am I, I am an Entrepreneur, I am a Social Worker, I am a friend, I am a mother, I am a sister, I am a Role Model, I am a motivational speaker my name is Alteaha Chase.  




Our Mission
To Pamper, Empower, and Educate Our Girls
Build self-esteem, confidence & create Employment
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